THE CORNISH HEDGES LIBRARY was established in 1994.

Cornish Hedges Library

Cornwall's ancient and unique hedges have always been very much loved by the general public, but largely unappreciated by the specialists. The function of our hedges was taken for granted, their landscape value unacknowledged, their history not generally realised, their wildlife and floral diversity overlooked. The skilled craft of building them was unwritten, in danger of being forgotten as the old traditional hedgers passed on.

The authors of the Cornish Hedges Library in addition to their own lifetime experience and knowledge have collected the gleanings from the writings and word-of-mouth legacy of older generations, to present a definitive source of literature on this subject. The library meets the demand for information on all aspects of Cornish hedges, for which there is no other existing source of full and reliable written material.

Please browse our list of papers below. These are reviewed at intervals so if you have visited before please empty your cache to be sure you are downloading the latest version. The pages are mirrored to save paper - they are designed to be printed out on both sides of the sheet and placed in a ring file or binder.

You are welcome to download and print the papers and photographs for your private use and study, but if any material from this website is reproduced or published in any way acknowledgement must be made of the copyright holder and the Cornish Hedges Library as the source - thank you.

Practical Hedging
Wildlife & Flora
History & Landscape

The Hedge (& Wall) Importance Test
How to Look After a Cornish Hedge
Advice for Trimming Roadside Hedges
Building Hedges in Cornwall
The Code of Good Practice for Cornish Hedges
Check-list for Inspecting New or Repaired Cornish Hedges
Building and Repairing Cornish Stone Stiles
Gates and Gateways in Cornish Hedges
Repairing Cornish, Stone and Turf Hedges
Building a Turf Hedge
Repairing Turf Hedges in Cornwall
Cornish Hedges on Development and Housing Sites
Pipe-laying/Cross-country Works Involving Cornish Hedges
Advice for Working on Roadside Hedges
Risk Assessment Guidance for Working on Cornish Hedges
Wildlife and the Cornish Hedge
The Life and Death of a Flailed Cornish Hedge
Check-list of Types of Cornish Hedge Flora
Cornish Hedges in Gardens
Mosses, Lichens, Fungi and Ferns in Cornish Hedges
Butterflies, Moths and Insects in Cornish Hedges
Comments on the ©Defra Hedgerow Survey Handbook (1st Edition)
Comments on the ©Defra Hedgerow Survey Handbook (2nd Edition)
Geology and Hedges in Cornwall
Hedges in the Cornish Landscape
Trees on Hedges in Cornwall
Roadside Hedges and Verges in Cornwall
Prehistoric Hedges in Cornwall
Mediæval Hedges in Cornwall
Post-mediæval Hedges in Cornwall
Modern Hedges in Cornwall
The Curse of Rabbits in Cornish Hedges
Unusual Old Features in Cornish Hedges
How Old is That Cornish Hedge?
Who Owns That Cornish Hedge?
Glossary of Cornish Words Associated with the Countryside
Literature Sources